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My Seventh Generation: Healthy Baby Home Party!

I had the awesome opportunity to host a Healthy Baby Home Party featuring Seventh Generation and other great brands such as Bobble and Annie’s Homegrown.  Check out some of the great giveaways they sent…

My lovely little one insisted on commandeering a gift bag immediately.  She’s a Seventh Generation fan too!  So disappointed in myself for not taking party pics (I’m the worst with pictures, ex: no pictures from my own baby shower even).  Love their new Coconut Baby product line.  Not only does it smell fantastic but it is also extra gentle on.  With two new babies in our family and just about everyone of my girlfriends having little ones, samples went like wild fire.  Any one else get the chance to host a party?  What type of awesome games did you have?

Interested in learning more about Seventh Generation or testing these products out, goto



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